The Art and Savoir Faire of Finishes – providing a modern approach to traditional craftsmanship

We Analyse, Communicate, Co-ordinate, Innovate, Organise, Manage, Motivate, Negotiate, Orchestrate and Problem Solve.

We find the best products, the most efficient and cost effective solutions at the best value.

We manage time, budget and scope changes.

We work together to meet objectives through every phase of the project and pro-actively problem solve any unexpected risks.

The Collective includes the following artisans:-
Liquid metal experts
French polishers
Painters and gilders
Cabinet and furniture makers and joinery specialists
Parquetry and marquetry flooring specialists
Stone, tiling, worktop and mosaic specialists

We offer beautiful metal finishes, including aluminium, brass, bronze, copper and iron that can be cold sprayed onto virtually any surface. The variety of finishes, effects, textures and patterns are endless. The metal coatings can be polished, sealed, waxed or rusted and can be for indoors and outdoors use. The metal finish can be applied a few microns thick, weight-saving and lasting up to 20 to 25 years depending on the substrate.