The Art and Savoir Faire of Finishes – providing a modern approach to traditional craftsmanship

Why Us – The Finishes Broker

We Analyse, Communicate, Co-ordinate, Delegate, Innovate, Organise, Manage, Mastermind, Monitor, Motivate, Negotiate, Orchestrate and Problem Solve.

We are a single point of contact and multi-tasking specialist.

We are an expert finishes broker adding value by finding the best, most efficient and cost effective solutions and ensure that the best products and finishes are procured at the best value.

We manage time, budget and scope changes, keeping everyone up to date with accurate information.

We work together to meet objectives through every phase of the project and pro-actively problem solve any unexpected risks.

Clients include:-

  • Waddesdon Manor, the National Trust, 1992.
  • Stormont Parliament Building, Belfast, 1997.
  • The British Museum’s Great Court in 1999.
  • University Arts of London, Kings Cross in 2011.
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea Refurbishment, 2013.
  • Wilkhahn, Eurostar, Bene, Opus Magnum, Osbond & Tutt and Hunters Contracts Ltd.
  • Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd – projects include HQ Fit-Outs for HSBC, Lehman Bros, Barclays, State Street, Moody’s, FSA, JP Morgan, European Medicines Agency, European Banking Agency and University College London.