The Art and Savoir Faire of Finishes – providing a modern approach to traditional craftsmanship

How we work

We prefer to work “open book” whereby a consultant’s fee is agreed for a defined brokerage service. We act as a trusted intermediary and the artisans are paid directly by the client on completion of their works.

  • Partnering is a collaborative relationship formed to improve the performance and delivery of projects.
  • It relies on mutual co-operation and trust between the parties; sharing benefits and lessons learnt to ensure a long-term relationship.
  • Open book negotiation is preferred to traditional competitive tendering as disputes are minimized and the risks are shared. Incentives are offered to share savings.
  • Negotiation benefits from early supply chain involvement and integration of the design process.

The Collective includes the following artisans:-

  • French polishers
  • Painters and gilders
  • Cabinet and furniture makers and joinery specialists
  • Parquetry and marquetry flooring specialists
  • Wall, floor and metal finishing experts